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Pregnant Passengers

Pregnant Passengers

Due to changes in cabin environment and air turbulence which may cause adverse effects on pregnant women, we strongly recommend pregnant women to consult a doctor before travel to confirm whether it is appropriate to travel by air.

For the sake of your travel safety, if you are less than 36 weeks pregnant, you need to show us the pregnancy test report issued within 30 days before the flight (excluding the day of departure) or the true and effective diagnosis certificate with the doctor's signature/seal indicating the number of weeks of pregnancy. If you cannot provide the pregnancy test report or diagnosis certificate that meets this requirement, you need to inform us of the number of weeks of your pregnancy by signing our Risk Notification before travel; otherwise we will not be able to provide air transportation services.

You need to check in for your flight at one of our physical check-in counters. Please fasten your seat belt at the root of your thigh on board.

For safety reasons, we do not provide air transportation services for pregnant and puerperal womenwho meet one of the following conditions. We suggest you choose other modes of travel:

(1) Pregnant women who have been pregnant for 36 weeks or more.

(2) Pregnant women whose expected delivery period is within 4 weeks (included).

(3) Pregnant women whose expected date of delivery is approaching but exact date of birth cannot be determined, and who are known to have multiple births or are expected to have delivery complications.

(4) Women who gave birth less than 7 days ago

(5) Pregnant women with physical signs of abortion

If you have obvious symptoms of discomfort before travel, or if we reasonably judge that the travel might cause danger to your personal safety, we still have the right to refuse to carry you.

If you are a pregnant and puerperal passenger, please read the above contents before purchasing tickets.