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Through Check-in

Through Check-in

Air China's through check-in is designed to benefit passengers who transit on one of four route types: Mainland China to international (D-I), Mainland China to Mainland China (D-D), international to Mainland China (I-D) and international to international (I-I). With through check-in, passengers can obtain two boarding passes for their two flight segments and check in their baggage all the way through to their final destination when checking in at the airport of origin. That means that when connecting via Beijing, passengers do not need to leave the transit area to claim baggage. Passengers may instead continue their onward journey after checking information about their connecting flight at the transit desk and going through the usual customs formalities and other transit formalities one time only within the transit area. The through check-in process therefore significantly reduces passengers transit time, allowing passengers to experience convenient travel services with just one ticket and baggage checked to the final destination.

In recent years, Air China’s strategic focus has been on developing Beijing as a major transit hub and the company is utilizing available resources to support that aim.Air China is optimising flight waves at Beijing Capital International Airport while also promoting the through check-in service.

Air China continues to increase transit server efficiency to ensure the through check-in service runs smoothly. Science-based flight wave scheduling, flight time linking, service process improvements, and real-time monitoring of luggage transit efficiency and passenger information is allowing the company the provide a seamless transit service to passengers.

Currently, through code share, alliance partnerships and network improvement, Air China has made through check-in available for passengers transiting in Beijing at over 70 airports, including more than 40 Mainland China airports and 30 international airports.The international airports include major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Seoul. This coverage has laid a solid groundwork for the future improvement of Air China's through check-in service for international to international and international to Mainland China connections via Beijing.

At present, Air China continues to launch its through check-in service for Mainland China to international routes in new cities and develop its connection services for Mainland China to Mainland China, international to international, and international to Mainland China routes. Increased investment and optimisations based on actual passenger demand will see passenger connection times reduced and transit services improved, providing passengers with smoother and more comfortable journeys.