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Online Refund

Website E-Ticket Refund

If you can retrieve and view your booking record (PNR) from the "Check My Bookings" feature, we suggest that you submit your request for refund on your ticket online using this feature, which allows you to enter less information, thus making it easier for you to make your request.

Please fill out the form below to request refund on your ticket purchased on any of Air China’s sites (with the exception of AIRCHINA CHINA website Please make sure all the information you provide is correct so we can process your request accordingly. An asterisk (*) means a mandatory field. Once you click on "Submit ", your information will be transmitted to our Refunds department.


  1. Currently, it is only possible to request refund online on ticket purchased on any of Air China's international sites. For refund on ticket purchased through our Call Center or through any of our ticketing offices, please contact Air China’s representative office nearest to you.

  2.Once you have submitted your request for a refund, your seat will be automatically canceled and your ticket automatically invalidated. Once that has happened, your seat and ticket cannot be restored. Please make your request for a refund only after you are sure you want to do so.

  3. When requesting refund on the tickets for a number of passengers in a single reservation record (PNR, Passenger Name Record), please click “Add Ticket No".

  4. In order that your request for refund can be processed correctly and quickly, we suggest that you fill in the information shown in the ticket issuance confirmation email you once received.

  5. In order that the amount of refund can be deposited into your bank account in a timely manner, please make sure that the bank card you once used at the time of ticket purchase is still valid. That will help avoid the situation where refund is delayed or is rendered totally impossible due to problems other than those of our website. For example, if your credit card has expired when you request refund or you use a different credit card to request refund, refund would be delayed or would be rendered totally impossible.

  6. If the request for refund you submit involves an adult passenger traveling with an infant, the system will automatically cancel the booking of the infant by default. If it is your intention to request refunds on the tickets of both an adult traveling with an infant and the infant, please make sure that you also provide the information on the infant and submit a refund on the ticket of the infant. If you want a refund only on the ticket of the adult traveling with the infant, please contact our representative office or our Call Center. Our service agent will transfer the infant to another adult passenger before processing your request for refund on the ticket of the original adult.

  7. We allow the passenger to cancel his/her reservation without penalty for 24 hours, so long as he/she makes the reservation at least one week prior to flight departure, and the ticket must include transportation from/to the U.S. If you have any questions regarding the policy, please check with customer service representative.


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In the following boxes, please enter all the information about yourself or about the passenger. All communication and updates about the refund will be sent to you or the passenger whose information is shown below.

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Please enter below all information about the person for whom you request refund.


Reasons for Refund*

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* If you have any questions, please call Air China's Call Center or ticketing office. Please click here

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Please review what you have filled in here to make sure that all information you provide is correct and precise before clicking on "Submit ".