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Transit Lounge

Залы ожидания при транзите Air China
Name and description

●At Beijing Capital International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, eligible passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy the time-based lounge provided by Air China.


  Beijing Capital International Airport:

   ♦  Guestrooms, for up to 4 hours (reservation required at the time of visit)

   ♦  Public zone, for an unlimited length of time

   ♦  Free shower

   ♦  Internet access

   ♦  Free snacks and beverages

  Shanghai Pudong International Airport:

   ♦  Public zone

   ♦  Meals and beverages

   ♦  Shower (reservation required at the time of visit)

   ♦  Sleep rooms (reservation required at the time of visit)

   ♦  Access to TV, media zone

Description of transit lounge service


   ♦  Tickets whose serial numbers start with “999”


   ♦  International (or regional) flights transiting through Beijing or Shanghai, i.e. international (or regional) segments to international (or regional) segments.

●  Flights:

   ♦  The connecting flight must be a CA-coded, Air China-operated one.

   ♦  The onward international flight does not contain a domestic flight segment.

   ♦  The service is not applicable to Air China’s international flights that depart from T3C/T3D of Beijing Capital

International Airport.

●  Connecting time:

   ♦  Connecting time of at least 4 hours and up to 24 hours.

●  Booking class:

   ♦  Only premium economy and economy classes Q or higher (fare codes: G/E/Y/B/M/U/H/Q) are eligible to access the transit lounge at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

●  Passengers:

   ♦  The service is not applicable to unaccompanied minors.

   ♦  Reservation for the service cannot be made for infants, but infants can access the lounges for free with the adults.

●  Date requirements:

   ♦   The scheduled arrival time of the flight at the transit city must be between January 1 and December 31, 2020.

●   Booking method requirements:

   ♦  Manual booking: When purchasing tickets, please ask the ticket sales staff to assist in booking the transit lounge or contact the Air China sales service hotline on 95583.

   ♦  Self-service booking: After booking, visit Air China's official website or the Air China app to make a reservation.

Helpful tips

●  The space of the transit lounges is limited. Advance reservation is required.

●  Advance booking is not needed for first class and business class passengers transiting through Shanghai Pudong International Airport and they can directly enter the transit lounge. The Air China first class lounge is provided for first class passengers and the Air China business class lounge is provided for business class passengers. All other passengers must book the service through a manual or self-service channel before the flight to the transit city departs. The service is only available to passengers who have booked successfully. Passengers without a successful booking may not enter the paid airport transit lounges.

●   If the relevant transit segment is changed, you need to re-book the hourly charged lounge. You can use it after successful reservation.

●   When arriving at the lounge, passengers must provide the ID document used to purchase their ticket and the boarding pass for the relevant flight segment so that staff can verify the passenger's identity. The transit lounge service is only available after successful verification. Staff will make and retain copies of the passenger's ID and boarding pass. If the passenger does not agree to the staff making such copies, the passenger shall be deemed to have voluntarily waived the use of this product.

●  The number of guestrooms, shower rooms and sleeping rooms in a lounge is limited, which makes it impossible to guarantee that a passenger’s need is always been met. The passenger who needs one should make the request at the time of lounge visit.

●  In principle, the paid airport transit lounge at Shanghai Pudong International Airport is provided for transiting passengers on the condition that there is enough room for business class passengers. In the event of mass delays and fully occupied lounges, first/business class passengers and Gold Card passengers and above will be given priority.

●  Suppliers and locations of the lounges

   ♦  Beijing Capital International Airport T3 store, Capital Airport Hotel:

   Location: Across from Boarding Gate E10, 2F, T3E (International Departures)

   Operating Hours: 24 hours

   Tel: 010-64532621

   The international transit lounge service in Beijing is conceived by Air China only to make passengers’

   connections easier and arrange a location for rest for passengers. Air China will not be held responsible

   for any problems that could occur during the service delivery by the service supplier.

   ♦  Shanghai Pudong International Airport

   Air China First Class Lounge close to Boarding NO. 71 (for international passengers)

   Location: Above Boarding Gate 71, 4F, International Departures, Terminal 2

   Operating Hours: 05:30 to 01:00 every day (subject to seasonal schedule adjustments)

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